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Ever consider a future in Israel? Your eBook describes the four stages of integration, finding work, learning the language, and fitting in.

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About David Ben Horin and 1,001 Reasons to Love Israel


“Who wants to squander another minute going 35 mph in a world designed for 120?”
David Ben Horin

David Ben Horin feels like the happiest man alive. As a Jew, he can learn, work, and make friends in a place where he is comfortable in his own flesh. He has the indescribable joy of watching his family grow up in the one country they will never, ever have to leave.

Everything you see here is a reflection of how grateful David is to live in the greatest place on earth.

1,001 Reasons to Love Israel is an ongoing project. For the past 10 years, every time I experienced something wonderful here I would write it down. Everything from the landscapes, the miracles, the people, the food, to any event that had its own spark of inspiration was compiled. It didn't take that long to record over 1,000 Reasons to love life here, and I'm still going!

Succeed in Israel is for anyone considering a move to Israel but have concerns about making a living here. It's a 5-hour course which provides practical solutions at every step. It includes valuable classes for finding and developing the skills most in demand for native English speakers like yourself, where to look for jobs and network opportunities in Israel, and how to master the most crucial tool for native English speakers in Israel: LinkedIn.

“When you get it right there's no one to blame.”
David Ben Horin

I have been in Israel for over 20 years as a tourist, student, settler, kibbutznik, citizen, solider, husband, father, hi-tech manager, and entrepreneur. I am delighted to share with you everything I have learned to make your own journey here a real possibility!

Wherever I am, Israel has always inspired me. It is my wish that Israel will always inspire you.

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