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For anyone considering life in Israel, it is important to understand that you don't need to sacrifice your standard of living, quality of life or career goals. It’s all an attainable reality today, especially for English speakers.

This is why:

  • We need programmers of all stripes and colors!
  • All coding languages are in English.
  • We need more native English speakers to promote our products to the world.
  • We need more people to enable us to grow our startups into huge companies, rather than to be forced into selling way too soon to foreign investors.
  • We need more salespeople comfortable with western tastes.

America became the most powerful nation on earth because it was built by immigrants. Immigrants make the best entrepreneurs. By coming, you will develop abilities you always had, but never tapped in to. These are the abilities that have empowered countless to become successful in every area of their life.

Statistics support this claim: Israel’s unemployment rate hovers around 5%. Currently, over 100,000 native English speakers have work here! Unemployment among English-speaking immigrants is not more or less than native Israelis.

Aliyah Boot Camp, is a video course designed to show you which skills enable you to hit the ground running and keep your career moving forward. You can start preparing for employment in Israel even before you get here!

Your 20 part online video course includes:


A detailed survery of the Israeli economy. The high-growth industries inside the country. Where the highest paying jobs are.



Review of the skills in demand by Israeli companies. How a native English speaker can take his unique advantage and turn it into a high paying job.



The specific jobs every Israeli company needs from English speakers. What makes these jobs so valuable, and how you can find them.



Where to meet people for partnerships, investment, work opportunities and more.


Live it Up

Take advantage of living in a country that has deserts, lakes, mountains, forests, and an entire border consisting of one big beach.


Introductory Video:

Our tutorials are a follow up to Nefesh B' Nefesh, giving you real life insights on how to traverse the amazing journey NBN helps you get started on.

We offer information that will shorten the time it takes to land your next job in Israel. This information will help you start working sooner, so you can make back the $99 investment in this boot camp along with generating a nice return!

Here, you have many advantages not available elsewhere:

Life isn't just about work. Here you have countless ways you can enjoy the ideal life-work balance:

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