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Hidden in Plain Sight


Ever consider a future in Israel? Your eBook describes the four stages of integration, finding work, learning the language, and fitting in.

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Hidden in Plain Sight


by Emet Sheva

Places in Israel you HAVE to See

Why Israel is Called the Land of Milk and Honey
The Torah Said Nothing About Birobidzhan
Shalom From Monfort Fortress
The Ancient City of Caesarea
He Owns the World
The Beauty of the Land of Israel
The Land that Flows with Milk and Honey
Shalom from the ancient city of Akko
Eternal Testimony to Our Divine Right

Tracking Developments in the Middle East

See a Palestinian Refugee Camp in "Occupied" Jerusalem
The True Story Behind Al-Aqsa
New Pope, Same Vatican: 100 Years of Papal Shame Towards Israel
What Real Palestinians Think of Israel
The Hijab of Iran is Slipping Away

Moving to Israel & Everyday Life Here

A Jew in Israel has the Longest Life Expectancy on Earth
Ancient Coin Unearths Modern Secrets
What Exactly are We Celebrating?
Chìc Zionism

Having Faith

The King is in The Field

Unity Among Brothers

Massada and the Love of a Fellow Jew
Jewish Unity - The Shelter in the Storm
Loving the Land of Israel from Your First to Your Last Breath

Emet Shine is the author of A Better Life in Israel for anyone considering a future in Israel. You get 20 videos of how to find the best skills to excel in what will be a trillion dollar economy, navigate the job market, enjoy life in ways you can only in the Middle East, and live a full and exciting life in at the heart of 3 civilizations. Emet is also develops 1,001 Reasons to Love Israel. for anyone who wants to wake up every day inspired by a new reason to love the Jewish State.


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