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1,001 Reasons to Love Israel


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Taste the Sweetest Flavor of Jewish Living

We are a nation, that at its roots, is united.

The first week in February 2017 saw tragedy in Israel. Due to a Supreme Court decision, funded by Europe, an entire neighborhood was destroyed. The police came in, evicted the residents, then destroyed all the buildings.

In most places, such an action would shatter a nation into civil unrest, or what could be worse. Instead, the evicted residents did all they could to protest nonviolently. The police did all they could to perform their duties in the most professional way possible.

With so many passionate emotions flying, blood was not shed. There were minor incidents, but the tragic operation was executed without fraternal violence. Even the leaders of the community that was evicted praised the policemen for their sensitivity towards their plight.

At heart, we desire to live in peace with one another, and will look for every reason to do so.


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