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1,001 Reasons to Love Israel


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Taste the Secret Sauce of Israeli Hi-Tech Success

In every town and city, there is a new brand in Israel. It's called Cofix.

It is a store with a big number 6 on it. You can buy a cup of coffee, tea, brownies, chocolate balls, sandwiches, fried rice, chips, cakes, even sushi, all for NIS 6 ($1.65). Going out for a cup of coffee costs $1.65 because it makes no sense to pay 3 times the amount, especially when you can get it for free in the office. This is part of our mentality: don't be a friar (sucker). Translated into business, it means don't be inefficient. Don't make complacent decisions. Whether a life goal, a business, even a start-up project, everything is in the details, and you never want to give away something for nothing. Always make sure that for every investment you make, no matter how small, there is a return on that input.


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