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Jewish Unity at Its Best

Tel Aviv is becoming less of a White City, and more of a Blue and White City

30% of the city is observant. There are afternoon prayer sessions everywhere. People are renting small office spaces just to fit 30-50 people for the afternoon Mincha service.

Is Tel Aviv becoming religious? fanatic? Certainly not. We are still the beating heart of Start Up Nation. We are still the cultural capital of the State of Israel. But we are becoming more. Jews of all places, beliefs, and backgrounds congregate here for even more.

There is no strife. We are way too busy being productive. A secular Tel Avivian accepts the firm nudge of a Haredi accountant to join them to complete a minyan. A Haredi programmer runs to his boss to explain a new way to make his application run faster. The boss, tattoos and all, gives his approval for his team to start making the improvements.


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