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1,001 Reasons to Love Israel


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Jewish Unity at Its Best

People from the most surprising places are becoming lovers of Israel.

It was Israeli Independence Day. Flags everywhere. Maybe less flags in Haredi neighborhoods, and even less flags in Arab neighborhoods. It doesn't change their flourishing love for the country.

Some of the most honored soldiers receiving awards for Independence Day for their service to the IDF were Israeli Arabs. They weren’t just Bedouin or Druze, who have been proudly serving since the beginning of the State. They were Israeli Arabs who have discovered just how valuable being an Israeli is.

There are also very vocal Haredim who want to let every Jew know they love you, and that Israel is special to them. I saw with my own eyes large Haredi vans, adorned with Chabad and Nachman pictures, both waving the largest Israeli flag I ever saw mounted on a vehicle while blasting music and dancing throughout the city.

They made a point to let everyone know that this is a day to celebrate, and the “secular” are not celebrating the rebirth of the Jewish State alone. To anyone who chooses to see it – every part of Israeli society is united in celebrating the birth, growth, and continued existence of the Jewish State. A State where all men, women, and children who want to become better people are welcome to be a part of it.

The Ponevicher Rebbe was asked right after the State was declared if this was a "the glass is half full," moment, or "the glass is half empty," point in time. His reply: "I'm just happy we have a glass."


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