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1,001 Reasons to Love Israel


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Adam Sandler Tells Us Why Israeli Comedy is the Heir to Jewish Humor

4 Reasons Why Israeli Comedy Rules the Roost

I've never seen performers go that far before, it's awesome! Israeli humor is a refreshing dose of pure laughter. Some of the shows I see have English subtitles, some I just have to wing it by understanding 50% of what's being said. I am laughing my sides out either way.

Why is Israeli comedy the true heir to Jewish humor?

1. The situation in the Middle East. In the movie “Funny People,” Adam Sandler plays a comedian alongside Seth Rogen, who also plays a comedian. “You will never be as funny as me.” stresses Sandler. “Why is that?” Rogen asks. “Because all your parents did was ignore you a little. My father beat the crap out of me.” The more dire the circumstances, the greater the need for humor. In a society that is on the brink every moment of its existence, the substance of our material has a lot more bite. Anyone with comedic skill becomes as important to our society as a doctor or a soldier.

It is his or her job to make sure we crack up in order to keep us from cracking up.


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