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Find out if you can accomplish everything you want in life from Israel. Just $99 for a 20-part online course.

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Could today be a major turning point in your life? Find out if Israel is right for you.

A 20 Video Online Series on
How to Achieve Success in Israel

I was able to move to Israel, learn the right skills, and live a successful and comfortable life. So can you!

Here's why:

For less than a pair of tickets to a ballgame, you get:

Why Wait? Start Developing Valuable Skills TODAY!

  • Find opportunities for career advancement from where you are right now to get hands on experience. Build up your nest egg to make your move as simple as possible.
  • Set up a side business, or freelance the skills you learn and earn extra income. Add the experience you gain in these skills to your resume.
  • Start mastering these skills TODAY, so you can just as easily apply them in Israel, where they are in HIGH DEMAND.
  • Dedicate some time each day to adding new skills to make your transition a lot easier, enabling you to get work the moment you arrive.

It is vital that people like you, who have the passion and drive to succeed here are given all the tools necessary.

All it takes is a little bit of research.
Our 5-hour, 20 part online course gets you started on the journey of your life.

Learn All About the Israel Option


Practical Guide to Gainful Employment and Advancement in Israel for Native English Speakers

Your 20 part online course ALSO includes.


A detailed survery of the Israeli economy. The best growth industries. The markets that are the future. The best opportunities for you to capitalize on.



Review of the skills in demand by Israeli companies. How a native English speaker can take his unique advantage and turn it into a high paying job, creating value for his community.



The specific job positions every Israeli company needs from English speakers. What makes these jobs so valuable, and how you can find them.



Where to meet people for partnerships, investment, work opportunities, friends, good times, and more.


Live it Up

The best ways to take advantage of living in a country that has deserts, lakes, mountains, forests, and an entire border consisting of one big beach.



One extraordinary personal productivity hack that can transform how much you achieve in a day.


See this video which explains it all!

Our tutorials are a follow up to Nefesh B' Nefesh, giving you real life insights on how to traverse the amazing journey NBN helps you get started on.

We offer information that can shorten the time it takes to land your first job in Israel, and your next job in Israel. If we help you start working just a single week earlier, you can easily make back your investment along with over 300% return on your money.

Imagine the returns if your time to employment is shortened by months!

Take the First Step Right Now!

Once you know how to navigate the greatest economy of the Middle East, a world of opportunity suddenly opens up:

$99 can cover dinner and a movie for one evening. For the same amount, you can do the research to add excitement, success, and happiness to every evening.

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P.S. There's more!

As part of your membership, you also get all of the following titles currently in development. We want you to have all the tools you need to succeed in every way possible.

Here are the classes that will be avilable in the coming months:

How to Get a Job 101: They never teach you how to get a job in college. Maybe it's because they would rather you stay in school. From finding the best jobs being marketed, to creating the right job for you, we guide you through every step in the process, giving you tips and strategies along the way. Our daily search checklist is a great way to get the most out of the time you dedicate to landing the ideal job.

You 2.0! The Greatest Energy Hack: There is one part about our day that wastes time, causes unnecessary stress, creates enemies, and produces nothing for your benefit. Making this simple change is a huge disruption in your life, and a great advancement towards closing in on the things you want.

Content that Convinces: Social media updates, emails, cover letters, landing pages, blog posts, articles. . . it all boils down to content. Whether finding a job or selling a service, the success story knows how to make the right presentation. This class goes over the basic concepts in transforming the words you write into points that sell.

LinkedIn Mastery: Over 400 million professionals around the world are on LinkedIn to do business. Going beyond just using it, we show you how to find the right people, how to make the best profile, what to promote, and how to get hiring managers to come to you.

Over 200,000 new citizens have come from America, England, Canada, and other English speaking countries to establish wonderful and prosperous lives for themselves. Use these tools and be the newest member of our elite group of international champions.

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