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“Strolling the stone paths of Zichron made us feel like Victorian Nobility. Then we tasted the wine.”

Who Says Living in the Desert has to be a Dry Experience?

Monday night is the centerpiece of the work week. It's date nite. I finish up a little early and try to sneak out. My boss, a wife and mother of two, always catches me. As usual, she takes pity and looks the other way as I scurry out the door.

Driving up the number 2 highway, my eyes delight in the bright flowers that cover the walls on the eastern side. I turn down the local roads, and on the horizon is this vast blue world. It's the Mediterranean Sea. The sun is slowly turning in for the day. As it dips behind the earth, its reflection turns the water into a bright gold mirror.

I'm home.

Shula greets me,

"Did she catch you?" she asks.

"I may have to stay an extra hour tomorrow baby."

"Do the dishes when we get back and we're square."

Paradise by the Dashboard Lights

It's about a 40 minute ride to our destination. We are going to spend the evening in Zichron Ya'akov, the roots of modern Israel. If there ever were an aristocracy here, they would all build their manors in Zichron. Founded in 1882 by Baron Rothschild, the city itself is named after his father.

The architecture in this small town is French. It stands out in a nation built up by German and East-European Jews once occupied by the British.

Strolling atop the paved stones which form these narrow streets, we pass the shops, restaurants, and push-carts the local merchants set up to peddle their jewelry, art, and clothing. My wife smiles. We look at some appealing items, but keep moving.

We find our restaurant. It's off one of the small alleyways. It has an area where we can sit outside. There are trees growing right in the middle. Dark green leaves cover us as we decide what to eat. The first course comes. It's what we have been waiting for all day.

Malbec red, open barrel aged wine. They come in large wine glasses with wide bottoms that gradually curve in at the top.

“Here's to our four amot. L'Chaim!”
My wife smiles.

The Talmud assures us that G-d sets aside 4 amot of the Land of Israel for every Jew. Our dream is to purchase a home in Israel and make those amot "our own." We toast to our passions. Then we drink.

The Air Itself Creates a Light High

A small breeze kisses our cheeks as we take our first sip. One of the trees sports an aromatic fruit and the aroma passes us. The moment is a taste of Paradise.

Then dessert. Scoops of think strawberry cream on top of a frozen cheesecake with chocolate syrup draped over it. We eat slow.

By the time we finish, the wine sets in. We are flying. It's time for a stroll.

Zichron is up in the hills so even when it's hot, the evening is usually cool. We walk for about an hour, taking it all in. The summer is about to end and already some of the leaves are beginning to whither.

Life is good. All the bills are paid up. We have little to no debt, and our salary covers all expenses, including our weekly foray into paradise. We have a small venture on the side, a project that, G-d Willing, will turn into a down payment on an apartment in Netanya.

We work. We raise our children. We live happy lives. We dream, and make the effort to transform these dreams into tomorrow's reality.

We do it with the unyielding satisfaction that it is all happening in Land of our forefathers, and now the Land of our children.

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David Ben Horin has enjoyed Israel as a tourist, student, citizen, settler, kibbutznik, soldier, husband, father, entrepreneur, and hi-tech manager over the past 20 plus years. He has lots of stories to tell.

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