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Hidden in Plain Sight

Hidden in Plain Sight

by Emet Sheva

Why Israel is Called the Land of Milk and Honey

Israel is called the "Land flowing with milk and honey." Both milk and honey come from living creatures and their life is not harmed or ended by the effort of producing these. It's a very special way to communicate to us that the Land is flowing with LIVING elements.

Milk is the initial food of a newborn, and it's plentiful and abundant. Even though it comes with the effort of milking the animal, it comes in plentiful and generous daily amounts which are given by individual animal for many years.

Honey is created with great effort by bees. In a lifetime, a bee only produces about a teaspoon of honey. A jar of honey takes a lifetime of work from many many bees.

The Gematria of these two words give us clues that honey is certainly much greater than milk: honey (דבש) is 306 and milk (חלב) is 40.

From just these casual observations it's obvious that milk represents an individual and a family, while honey represents a society. Milk is the effort that goes into raising and sustaining an individual by a family. Honey is collective work and effort of a community, tireless contribution by many individuals, generation after generation.

Milk and honey represent a chain of life: What goes into building a life and what output a lifetime produces.

Both milk and honey are digested byproducts of plants, and plants are from seeds which Hashem placed into the ground along with its creation. The life of the individual and his eventual contribution to society were all set to be sustained at Creation.

Rain is the necessary condition for these plants to grow, and rains are not a given or a guarantee. They are special blessings for loyal service by the individuals and by the society as a whole. Prayer and service to Hashem help bring abundant rain, and this life cycle prospers.

What better way is there to describe Israel, the Holy Land, than to refer to it as flowing with MILK AND HONEY. Hashem did not give us huge land or land filled with natural resources.

All we have is the tremendous spirit, intelligence and faith of our people. The rest of our sustenance depends on Hashem's direct blessings. Our service to Him pleads the flow of milk and honey.

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