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Hidden in Plain Sight

Hidden in Plain Sight

by Emet Sheva

The True Story Behind Al-Aqsa

How the Temple Mount of the Jewish nation became the 'holy site' of Islam:

Caliph Abd Al-Malik ibn Marwan. In the annals of Arab history, he is called "the king of kings." But most of you non-Muslims and non-Arabs probably never heard of him. Some 70 years after the death of Muhammad, this 5th caliph of Ummiyad dynasty constructed the Al-Aksa Mosque, the very reason why the entire Arab/Muslim world is at war over Jerusalem today.

This site has NOTHING to do with Mohammad's night journey, especially since in the lifetime of Mohammad there were no mosques in Jerusalem!

The Al-Aksa mosque that did exist on his actual journey from Mecca was in Ta'if, which is where he has his dream.This is the site he refers to in the Koran. Ta'if is in Saudi Arabia, around 1,000 miles away from Judaism's Holiest site!

Abd Al-Malik constructed the Jerusalem Al-Aksa mosque for political reasons:

1) To give the Syrian side of the caliphate a place of pilgrimage without having to go all the way to Mecca.

2) A beautiful building of splendor was needed to encourage the early Muslims in the first century of Islam, who saw beautiful churches all around them but none of the worship building to take pride in.

Medieval Arab geographer known as Al-Maqdisi explained the reason for making golden domed structure for Muslim pride, which cost 7 times the revenue of Egypt at the time. He justified it thus: "O, my little son, thou hast no understanding. Verily he (Abd Al-Malik) was right, and he was prompted to a worthy work. For he beheld Syria to be a country that had long been occupied by the Christians, and he noted there are beautiful churches still belonging to them, so enchantingly fair, and so renowned for their splendour, as are the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the churches of Lydda and Edessa. So he sought to build for the Muslims a mosque that should be unique and a wonder to the world. And in like manner is it not evident that Caliph Abd al-Malik, seeing the greatness of the Holy Sepulchre and its magnificence was moved lest it should dazzle the minds of Muslims and hence erected above the Rock the dome which is now seen there."

Now you know the truth, so tell others.

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