Shalom from the ancient city of Akko | Emet Shine

Hidden in Plain Sight

Hidden in Plain Sight

by Emet Sheva

Shalom from the ancient city of Akko

Shalom from the ancient city of Akko. It's a beautiful and sunny day here today and the ancient rocks light up in the sun.

But its not sunny inside.

Arab terrorism has caused a serious decline in business here, in this predominantly Arab city. At the Turkish shuk I met an Arab business owner who will remain anonymous, who told me that 2-3 years ago as many as 50+ shops were busy selling to the visiting tourists.

Now this is one of the handful of remaining shops and its open not because its profitable anymore but strictly because of the faith and persistence of the owner who refuses to give up.

This owner blames terror wave for driving away visitors... and I agree. Terror is a 2-sided blade, it cuts innocent people on all sides of the conflict.

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