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Hidden in Plain Sight

Hidden in Plain Sight

by Emet Sheva

Jewish Unity - The Shelter in the Storm

The modern return of our people to our Land was always seen as illegal by the nations. Even when fleeing the rise of Nazism in Europe, our people were branded 'illegal migrants', not 'persecuted refugees.'

This is what they were in 1930's until their status escalated to ethnic cleansing.

Those who survived the genocide of Holocaust were being sneaked in like contraband by the brave and determined Jewish organizers in efforts collectively known as 'Beriha' and 'Aliya Bet'.

The only people helping these fragments of the Jewish remnant to come Home were our fellow Jews. The money came from the USA Jews thru Joint Distribution Committee.

The manpower and organizing came mainly from Israel's own and some local Zionists in Europe, the Jewish warriors, - from the former Jewish brigade of the British Army, Jewish partisans in Europe, the Hagana and Palmah.

Imagine if this happened today, because it easily can happen today. Nothing would be different: The nations are still antisemitic and the Jewish people are still the only ones who will defend their fellow Jews.

The best new thing since those days is having the STATE OF ISRAEL, which the nations largely consider illegal. Many maps exist in circulation without Israel on it.

Unfortunately today's assimilation, the liberal brainwash of media, and education all have turned many Jews against themselves, making the ranks of Jewish self-defense weaker.

Aside from Divine protection, here in this world, Jewish people who are determined to survive an outbreak of antisemitic storm, have ONLY ISRAEL to rely on.

What saved the remnant of the Jewish people and helped gather the Aliya which became the seed of our State today was the UNITY CONSCIENCE among the Jews of diaspora.

The Americans donated money because they knew that their own parents and grandparents just decades before, came from the same Poland, Hungary, Romania, etc, as the suffering survivors in DP camps trying to reach "Palestine".

The young Israeli organizers and fighters who were manning the routes to bring the people Home despite threats from the various nations in their way, they knew these are their brothers and sisters because their own grandparents came from the same place.

So keep that unity going, until you all make your way Home. Unity will light the way Home.

Emet Shine is the author of 1,001 Reasons to Love Israel. Emet developed A Better Life in Israel for anyone considering a future in Israel. You get 20 videos of how to navigate the job market, what skills to start learning, and how to enjoy a meaningful and exciting life in the Jewish Nation.


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