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9 Reasons Why Start Up Nation Bests Silicon Valley

Hi-tech is in our blood.

You think we have had to fend off greater enemies with limited resources for just the last century? Not a chance.

We have been fighting the world for thousands of years. First it was Egypt, the largest empire of the day. Then it was the seven nations which inhabited the Land before we came – all mighty empires.

Then it was the Assyrian Empire, with its 80+ provinces. Then the Babylon empire, with its 130+ provinces. Then the Persians, the Greeks, and the Romans – all whom literally ruled the earth.

In our time, it's the Turks, the British, the Europeans, and let's not forget, the Arabs.

Hi-tech is all about using your limited resources in an unprecedented manner to create something the world has never seen in order to gain an advantage over your adversary that they cannot match – or wouldn't even think of.

Case in point:

Three thousand years ago King Solomon needed to defend the fortress of Megiddo. Perched atop the Galilee, it was the high ground which led to Assyria, and Babylonia. The fortress protected valuable trade routes at the time. Over 20 battles were waged between empires and the city fell time and time again.

How could Solomon protect a city so vulnerable? He used hi-tech.

He developed the concept of digging through solid rock to get to the water source underneath the mountain. As the most hardened warriors besieged the fortress years later, waiting to starve us out, a four-year-old child would descend a set of stairs, and outflank the entire battalion of seasoned commandos by fetching water for his livestock, plants (wheat, veggies, fruit), and to quench the thirst of his parents and siblings. They could wait out the most well-stocked siege, while the troops below had no idea what they were doing.

That was over three thousand years ago.

In Herod's time, about a thousand years later, we built the world's first underwater port to facilitate trade between Egypt and Rome. Rome was the only city from the beginning of time up to the 1800 to have 1 million citizens. A quarter of their food needs came from the wheat fields of Egypt. The port was a huge cash cow made possible by hi-tech.

Every Israeli has in his blood over three millennia of staying a step ahead of larger enemies with his ability to imagine and innovate. Hi-tech has been a survival instinct here since ancient times.


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